Scripture Union (SU) Vanuatu has picked up pace again after more than 10 years of limited activity. A new council was appointed in 2007 to revive the work of a ministry that has helped shaped the Christian foundation of thousands of young people that may have not happened otherwise. Some of those people impacted by the ministry of Scripture Union are now serving faithfully in their local community as leaders, some in the government, and some of them are members of this new council.

In order to make the work a shared responsibility of a wider representation of different churches and talents, as well as to encourage the participation of the community, the council has set up working committees to take up work on areas that need development. The working committees that have been set up are:

Primary School ministry, headed by Harry Atisson; Secondary School ministry, headed-interim by Jack Daniels Matariki;
Resource and Publications ministry, headed by Jon Paschke; IDS campsite committee, headed by Noel Vari;
Library Committee, headed by Andrew Robert; Radio ministry, headed by Harry Atisson;
Publicity Committee, headed by Jack Daniels Matariki; and Finance Committee, headed by Ross Webb.

Each committee is headed by one member of the council, and the members of the committee are identified from former Scripture Union members and volunteers with particular skills as well as a heart for the work of God.

The creation and maintenance of this website is that of the Publicity and Promotion committee. This committee is headed by Jack Daniels Matariki, science lecturer at the Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education (VITE). Members of the committee are Ian Kalsuak, IT person of the PITCO Vanuatu, and Mrs Louise Vari, USP Emalus campus publication staff.

Please feel free to write to us or email us at and tell us what you think about this website and what things you would like to see included on this website.