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Welcome to the home page of the Scripture Union (SU) Vanuatu ministries. Here you will find information and news relating to the work of the various ministries of Scripture Union Vanuatu happening within Vanuatu.

We hope your visit will inspire you to pray for and support the work of Scripture Union Vanuatu. Go to the comments page to give your comments.

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.:Vanuatu Ministries:.

Primary School Ministry
Focusing on primary school children, with Harry Atisson, former SU Vanuatu coordinator, as coordinator.

Secondary School Ministry
Working closely with ISCF within secondary schools, and coordinating the monthly student rallies.

Resources and Publications
Developing and publishing Bible study materials to help young people read the Bible, as well as other  resources for Sunday School teachers and youth leaders.
IDS Campsite
Catering for a wide range of needs, including weekend camps, sports camps, week-long conferences, or just a family weekend out.

Christian Book Lending Library
Serving the local Christian community with wholesome Christian books and Bible commentaries for preachers.
Radio Ministry
Reaching out to the community through the Radio with Christian music, testimonies, interviews and news update for the whole family.

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