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Scripture Union (SU) Vanuatu works to assist the Christian Church, especially by reaching out to young people in schools. SU helps young people come to a personal faith in Jesus through presentation of God's word, it assists in strengthening spiritual growth and witnessing, it encourages thoughtful Bible reading for people of all ages, and it gives leadership training to young people.

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New Children's Ministry Coordinator
Miss Elodia Taleo is the newly appointed SU Children's Ministry Coordinator. [Read more...]

Leadership Camp at IDS
From the 2nd of March to the 4th of March a training camp was organized for ISCF leaders for each school. [Read more...]

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ISCF News & Prayer Update
Inter-School-Christian-Fellowship in schools around Vanuatu keep the lamps burning. Do click here to get update report and prayer needs to pray about.

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